Many welders and their organizations have already seen productivity gains from using Dual Shield X Series wires. Read what they have to say - and a leave a comment of your own.
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We use the II 711X. It is fantastic. I am in the process of trying to convert all the welding rod and wire we use on all of our maintenance to ESAB products. It has been my personal experience that ESAB makes great welding rod and wire. I know it would improve the life of our repairs.

– Stoney T. (Colstrip Surface Coal Mine)

This is the best flux-cored wire we’ve used to date. Our young welders have easily learned how to use it. Low smoke and clear viewing also are a great plus. Almost like having welding sex.

– Michael B. (Local13, Boilermakers)

Just welded with your new Dual Shield "X" wire. Unbelievable ease of use out of position across the parameter range! Great job.

– Jerry JM Dog (Shiloh, PA)

Boys, I've been in this business along time and to be honest with you some days I get bored... but then something like this comes along and I get all excited again. This wire is for real.

– George P. (Komp Equipment)

Greatest wire I've ever run in my life.

– George P. (Komp Equipment)

The product is very well designed making it very useful in a wide variety of applications. Allows you to run large fillets as well as small ones with the same size wire which saves me a considerable amount of cost during the year.

– Robert R. Sr.

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