Rosebud Coal Mine Maintenance and Repair

I am the maintenance supervisor at the Rosebud surface coal mine in Colstrip, Montana. One of our shovels destroyed its own bucket. The whole back sheared off as you can see in the photos. Our welding crew was able to prep the back, fit it on and weld it out using the new ESAB Dual Shield X wire. The back is still holding strong with no cracks. We added a few thicker pieces to help add strength to the bucket. We use a lot of the X-Series wire. It is now in stock in our warehouse.

We use the II 711X. It is fantastic. I am in the process of trying to convert all the welding rod and wire we use on all of our maintenance to ESAB products. It has been my personal experience that ESAB makes great welding rod and wire. It is hard to convince the bean counters that we need this done but I know it would improve the life of our repairs. We do lots of bucket repairs for draglines and lots of crack repairs on draglines too. When I was welding heavy wall pipe and dragline booms and other x-ray work I personally made 29 welds in a row without any repairs. I love Atom Arc rods, too.

-Stoney Thomas