1965 Impala Restoration

Jerome Marquez and Robert Jasso are restoring Jerome’s 1965 Impala with the Jesse James edition Multimaster 260 that Jerome won at SEMA 2006 in Las Vegas in November. SEMA is the largest automotive aftermarket and customizing show in the country with thousands of exhibits designed to appeal to the automotive rebuilder and enthusiast.

Jerome had the Impala for 12 years with the intention that he would one day restore it. It needed a great deal of body work and had some rust, so the panels on the car had to be completely replaced. He ordered new panels that had to be welded on, and he also needed to reinforce the frame with 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch metal so it could handle the new hydraulics that he wanted to install. Working together, with Robert handling the body work and paint and Jerome installing the hydraulics and helping with the metal work, the two men are creating a beautiful car that will be a dream come true for Jerome. The multipurpose Multimaster 260 was ideal for the job, letting Jerome and Robert easily switch from Tig welding on the panels to Mig welding with .035 filler wire on the frame.

They had used other welding equipment in the past but when Jerome won the Multimaster 260, they decided to give ESAB a try. “ESAB is exceptional quality and now we purchase only ESAB!” says Robert’s wife, Marlena. “We enjoy restoring cars from classics to lowriders to custom motorcycles and anything in between. Everything has to be modified or it’s not ‘ours.’ Thanks, ESAB, for making it that much easier!”