Battery Powered Commuter Motorcycle

Mark Eidson, a 61-year-old electrical engineer from Chandler, Arizona, had been interested in suspension design for some time, so when he wanted to build a motorcycle for his daily commute to work, he decided it was a perfect time to try out some of his ideas. The result was a battery-powered motorcycle with a range of 30 miles and a top speed of 50 mph.

The chassis is made from 1-5/8 in. and one-inch 6061 aluminum tubing with a 1/8 in. wall thickness. Mark welded the machine with ESAB’s Heliarc® 161, an AC/DC power source for TIG welding. Heliarc® 161 offers a square wave output that provides superior welding with improved cleaning and lack or rectification.

Mark found the Heliarc® 161 while doing web research on what machine he wanted to purchase, and he also saw it on the Monster Garage television show. “When I purchased the 161, I was totally inexperienced,” he said. “I planned to use the 161 to weld an oar frame from my white water river raft. My first attempt was a disaster, and I signed up for a welding class at my local community college.” The electric motorcycle was his second major project, and from the results, it appears Mark is well on his way as a welder!